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The front windows at the Corner Gallery will be graced by Pat Elliott’s elegant, colorful and evocative “Tree Views” for the month of April. Growing up in the Canadian province of northern Ontario with an oil painter for a mother, Pat was surrounded by untamed nature and artistic inspiration.

After retiring from fifty years in her nursing career, Pat began studying art locally at Mendocino College. “I was really inspired,” she says. “I always wanted to be an artist, but I couldn’t find the time I started taking pictures and doing art based on those memories from my childhood. What I love in Ontario is the birch and pine trees as they change colors with the seasons, the rivers, and all the lakes. My show is full of images from the Ontario wilderness, with the inclusion of some paintings of our beautiful Mendocino coast.”


Pat has experimented with a variety of media in her various art classes, and currently enjoys acrylics and ink. She uses bold colors and simplified forms and glazes to achieve the colorful and semi-abstracted effect that she desires in her work. 

click below for a short video

The First Friday opening on April 5 from 5-8pm at the Corner Gallery. Live music will be provided throughout the evening by “Midas Well,” aka Char Jacob’s and Chris Gibson. The gallery is located at 201 S State St in Ukiah.

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