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Sue Sweet


Ursula Partch

Featured Artists for April 2021

Sue Sweet


Growing up in west Sonoma County California Susan was forever searching for treasures in nature and creating things out of bone, shells, feathers and twigs. This blossomed into a love for drawing, painting and sculpture. After graduating from the Academy of Art (San Francisco) in 1985 with a BFA in Sculpture, Susan worked in a variety of media from ceramics, to bronze casting, to neon mixed media sculpture, printmaking, and in more recent years, oil, acrylic and mixed media on canvas or paper and watercolors. Art has always been a necessary and healing force in her life which prompted her to become an MFT- Art Therapist. She gets a lot of joy by helping others transform their lives through art.

Poppy Pods in the Time of Covid 2020.jpg
Naked Ladies in the time of Covid.jpg

Numerous artists inspire her including the saturated colors of the Impressionists, Mark Rothko’s luminous, contemplative paintings and Louise Nevelson’s sculptures that speak of transition and sacred space. Bay Area Figurative artists also inform her work and Manuel Neri and Nathan Oliveria’s stark and beautifully textured works have always invited her to explore inner/outer states of the human form.

Freesia Study III.jpg
January 6, Daddy I  Lost My Shoe.jpg

Susan’s mixed media work emerges from her love of sculpture and texture combined with painting and printmaking sensibilities. She consider herself a colorist at heart and often begins a piece with a general abstract plan and then lets the color and texture guide her. Her exploration in watercolors are connected to nature, aquatic life and birds. During the “Time of Covid and other Unrest” Susan has painted to express her myriad of feelings about the current state of the planet, the pandemic, political and human rights issues, etc. Generally painting soothing images has helped her weather this difficult time. There has been a lot to ponder and paint about! Susan has shown her work in numerous group and solo shows throughout California and neighboring states since 1986.                                                       707-367-0672

Ursula Partch

Ursula Partch’s theme is “An Ode to Mendocino Woodlands.”  She notes that Mendocino County is home to marvelous woodlands, including coastal redwood forest, yellow pine forest, red fir forest, various mixed woodlands, oak woodlands, and the Mendocino pygmy forest.  These woodlands keep finding their way into her artwork.  This show is a sampling of her woven, felted, and hand-stitched textile art celebrating the current woodlands.  It also commemorates the time when coastal redwoods were one of North America’s dominant tree species, millions of years ago during much warmer and wetter days.

Watch a quick video of the front window display and then come visit it in person.

11-5 Thursday through Saturday

Art Center Ukiah

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