Photos by Sarah Handy,
a junior in the Advanced Photography class at Ukiah High School. 



        "Photography allows you to capture something beautiful and preserve it forever. Every photograph has a story, from what is going on in the scene, to the actions and emotions of the photographer. From a young age, I have always shown an interest in taking pictures. In the evening I'd take my family's little old point-and-shoot camera and take pictures at the creek beside our house. I loved the excitement of figuring out a new or interesting idea and ending up with a great photograph. One of my favorite places to shoot is Wyoming. This show contains a collection of photographs from Jackson Hole, and the small town of Kemmerer. The old ranches and rustic landscape almost seem to be from a different time. Also being able to spend time with family and capturing moments of their lives is truly amazing. I'm so excited to share these pictures with you."      Sarah Handy
Artists and Teachers of "GASP" will be showing the work of their students at  Art Center Ukiah.  Cathleen Micheaels, Blake More, Trudy McCreanor, Ada B. Fine, Marie Pera, Alexa Armenta, Viviana Field, Elizabeth Raybee, Jin Jr Shi are among the artists teaching under the "Get Arts in the Schools" program of the Arts Council of Mendocino County and the Mendocino County Office of Education. These artists go into the schools to enhance the education of our young people this year.  Teachers from earlier years and other programs may also join in.  Come and enjoy seeing what the students create when given the opportunity. 


The mission of GASP is to ensure that the arts are an integral part of the education of every child,
K-12, in Mendocino County.
GASP work will be showing ACU, April 3rd to April 28th, 2015



"Get Arts in the Schools"

Ada B. Fine
Elizabeth Raybee

updated June 2020