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Featured Artists for December

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Once each year the members of the Corner Gallery in Ukiah decide to host a celebration of their own talented members. That time is now, for the entire month of December. The front windows of the gallery, which are usually reserved for visiting artists, will be completely taken over by member artists in an opulent display of new work in just about every art medium that exists.


Silk artist Cassie Gibson and photographer Elliot Little agree that showing their work in the front windows with all the other gallery members is a special opportunity. Cassie elaborates, "It's the one time of the year that we gallery members really get to demonstrate our special relationship with each other." Both artists mentioned how much they enjoy and value being part of this group.


John Richards, a woodworker, smiles that being featured in the front window pushes him to finish work that he has started but not completed. He goes on to explain, "That is a frequent problem for me... I get something started and then it just sits around for months because I can't find the inspiration to finish it." That December deadline helps more than one artist find some extra studio time to get the job completed.


Another positive aspect of having art displayed in the front windows is the 24/7 exposure, points out Susan Blackwelder, a painter. As she says, "The art is visible from the sidewalk at all hours of the day, and the lights are always on."


Katie Gibbs, who works in metal, is proud that this is the Corner Gallery's fourteenth year of existence. She mentions that there are still six of the original founding members participating in the show. According to Gibbs, "It's a wonderful time to showcase ourselves and celebrate our continued ability to operate through thick and thin." She is also excited that this will be the first year to have the gallery's featured young artist participate in the front window show.


Gallery members who will be showing their work are Linda Wolfard, Jon Wolfard, Katie Gibbs, Jeanne Koelle, John Richards, Elliot Little, Cassie Gibson, Kathleen Gordon-Burke, Jeanette Carson, Jill Millward, Susan Blackwelder and Laura Fogg. The Young Artist is Riley Bogner.

Below is a short video of the front window exhibit

Updated 12/3/2021

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