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Featured Artists for March

Ukiah Woodworkers

joined by

Ursula Partch and Stephanie Hoppe

The Corner Gallery will feature in the front windows for March the Redwood Empire Woodturners: Pete Passof, Dave Peck, Gary Wallert, Scott Gaustead, and Pete Wagner. They will be joined by weaver Stephanie Hoppe and textile artist Ursula Partsch.


Six members of the Redwood Empire Woodturnersare displaying their artistic talents for your viewing pleasure.  Most of the vessels are available for sale at reasonable prices.  A few have made their business cards available.


       Dave Peck, a former Club President, was one of the Chapter’s founding members.  He often volunteers for demonstrations and offers his photography expertise.  In addition to his wood turning skills, he is a nationally recognized marquetry expert.  He was invited to demonstrate how segmented wood turning can be enhanced with marquetry at a national symposium.  He is a regular contributor to the Redwood Empire Fair’s woodturning display in the Fine Arts building.


    Scott Gaustad, a retired family practice attorney, has come a long way in a very short period of time honing his skills.  The Fair’s judge likes his work and has awarded lots of well-earned blue ribbons.  His segmented redwood and alder urn was designed and created with the mentoring guidance of Pete Passof.


     Pete Wagner, a retired ranch manager and former President of the Redwood Empire Woodturners, has gathered considerable experience working behind a lathe. In the last few years he has worked closely with Dave Peck in crafting and designing bowls from local woods.


   Gary Wallaert, retired from the Ukiah Unified School District and has been very successful in selling his large bowls to customers in the local area.  Currently he is a part time math teacher at Potter Valley High and has taught woodturning in some woodworking classes.  He was responsible in taking leadership in reinvigorating the Ukiah High School’s woodworking program that was idled when the former shop teacher moved away.

 Nick Pearson, is our current President and has been the High School shop teacher since 2014.  He has been responsible for bringing valuable tools and machinery for the benefit of our students.  He is well accustomed to using video for online teaching during the COVID-19 pandemic.  He introduced us to virtual demonstrations for our monthly meetings and attendance has been growing.  Having the ability to use expensive machinery has been a great advantage to hosting monthly meetings.

Pete Passof, retired Professional Forester for the University of California, got started turning in 2007.  He chose to learn segmented turning techniques and has concentrated on advancing his skills over the years.  Like Scott and Dave, he shows his work at the Redwood Empire Fair.  He offers mentoring to members and taught High School student, Audie Boer, for three years.


In summary, there are many wood entries on display at the Corner Gallery.  They make great gifts for those special occasions so if you have some spare time, come and take a look.

Stephanie Hoppe weaves rugs and tapestries on a Navajo-style loom.  The technology appears simple – a wooden frame, some dowels, cotton clothesline, and twine – for the weaver’s own hands and body form critical components.  The weaving itself is slow and requires close attention, but yields the physical and spiritual rewards of all contemplative practices as well as a sense of participation in ancient rhythms of work.   One of her main pieces is entitled "At the Ukiah Brewing Company on a Tuesday Night before the Pandemic Dancing to the Blues Played by Wendy Dewitt.”

At the Ukiah Brewing Company on a Tuesday Night Before the Pandemic

Dancing to the Blues Played by Wendy DeWitt"

Wool tapestry

41” by 37”

Steph Hoppe IMG_0807 Fire 14x R72 L.jpg
S Hoppe IMG_0810 Blossoms 14x R72 L.jpg

Ursula Partch - An Ode to Mendocino Woodlands


Mendocino County is home to marvelous woodlands, including coastal redwood forest, yellow pine forest, red fir forest, various mixed woodlands, oak woodlands, and the Mendocino pygmy forest.  These woodlands keep finding their way into my artwork.  This show is a sampling of my woven, felted, and handstitched textile art celebrating the current woodlands.  It also commemorates the time when coastal redwoods were one of North America’s dominant tree species, millions of years ago during much warmer and wetter days.

Below is are short video tours of the front window show


ACU's show "How Does Your Garden Grow?"

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