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September 2014

Reception on
First Friday Art Walk
Sept 5th, 2014 from 5-8pm
Front Window Guest Artists
  • Tom Winters and Family​
  • Sid Greenup
Art Center Ukiah (ACU) show
  • Our Heritage, Honoring Ancestors

"Mailbox and Flag: Eastern Washington State"  by Tom Winters

The Ukiah Westside based Winters clan will present a pastiche of recently captured photos at the Corner Gallery in September. Three family photographers will be represented. Margot Winters is a long time street photographer who is fascinated by the forms and colors of gritty urban scenes. Ilse Winters is an I-Phone snap shot artist with an eye for quirky images of people and nature. Tom aims to present the uncommon beauty of common rural landscapes. 

"Quo Vadis" by Ilse Winters

The Tom Winters Family:

"Drink" by Margot Winters

                   My Statement by Sid Greenup  
It all started when I was but a lad, doing yet another finger painting masterpiece on the bedroom wall.  My brother, seven years older, with artistry flowing through him like a river of experience passing through a crack in the time continuum- he was art to me.  He guided me early on with two main premises, don’t copy anyone, and don’t repeat yourself.  One of a kind - kinda guy, easily said . There it was, the meaning to life. 
So then school, friends, girl friends . Rock n Roll and the meaning of work, came into play.  Luckily within a few years I found millwright fabrication as a trade. On and upward machining, designing, back to school more designing, eventually working as a prototyper, first article, manufacturing designer, Cad design and computer control. Lots of fun... 
During the last forty years I’ve had the best girlfriend {partner} a guy could have, she lets me know when I’m done.  Also during the last forty years I’ve created a home shop to live for, The Den. 
I’m a bit of a medium jumper, working in metals, wood, cement, paints, computer design, what ever stuff I find laying around.  
I also found my own crack in time. So in the word of Peter Gabriel   “ So “

Sid Greenup

"Star Far" by Sid Greenup

"Floater" by Sid Greenup

"Heart in Hand" by Sid Greenup

"Dave" by Sid Greenup

"Egg on Brain" by Sid Greenup

Our Heritage Honoring Ancestors

Art Center Ukiah celebrates heritage of the peoples of America during September.  
Juried art show exhibiting paintings, photography, sculpture and mixed media reflecting the personal heritage stories of Mendocino County. Opening reception Friday September 6th show runs thru Sept 27th
Art Center Ukiah, 201 S. State St. 462-1400
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