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Reception 5pm to 8pm 
on First Friday Art Walk
January 3rd, 2020
 Featured Artists
  •  John Wolfard    

  • Michael Romero

  • ACU-"Great Escapes"

Jon Wolfard, a local woodworker,

will be showing some of his new work. Jon works with native hardwoods which he mostly milled from storm downed trees in the Lost Coast area. Although he occasionally uses tropicals, he prefers natives which include Madrone, Tan Oak, Canyon Oak, Chinquapin, Walnut, and others.

John Wolfard

John Wolfard Clock.jpeg
John Wolfard Table.jpeg
John Wolfard spoons.jpeg

The featured artists for the Corner gallery in December are 

Jon Wolfrad and 

Michael Romero, 

who will be showing their work on 1st Friday and through January.

Michael Romero


I want someone to see my artwork in their home like feathering a nest. “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” Pablo Picasso

Our normal lives are spent nine to five working. Most people do not create. They get home, watch tv and tie up loose ends before starting the whole mundane process again. Art frees your mind and helps infiltrate your dreams for all to see and share. You expose your most special and intimate dreams for all to see. You open yourself up to criticism and praise, it is both a dangerous rewarding thing.

great escape 2.jpg
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