Art Center Ukiah and Corner Gallery

will be showing the "Art of Paper"

 all month as part of

"Mendocino County Celebrates

 American Craft Week" 

Fifteen local artists exhibit creations in paper and paper making.


Laura Wiecek, Esther Siegel,

Joan Rhine, Jim Melander,

Terri Lockwood, Ursula Partch,

Jeanie Carson,

Cassie Gibson, Jacquie Lolich, Anne Beck, Marvin and Colleen Schenck,

Lynda Coursey, Judy Geer, Rachel Binah

A posthumous show of the works of Elizabeth Flynn aka Hyoka Bells featuring her artwork of ceramics,
drawings and watercolors.

"Teaching while learning, learning while teaching"

A group of students and their teachers from

Mendocino College.

Show sponsed by MICA

updated June 2020