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Reception 5pm to 8pm 
on First Friday Art Walk
April 7th, 2017
 Featured Artists
  • "Trashed" Laura Fogg, Betty Lacy, Rosie Morris
  • Moises Lua Lupian        
  • ACU "Trash to Fashion"
“Gyre” by Laura Fogg, made from plastic bags, thread waste, old plastic bird netting and some rubber junk from the trash can.

The name of our show is




Laura Fogg, art quilter

Betty Lacy,

multimedia quilt artist

Rosie Morris,

coiled basketmaker

Our pieces for this show are all created from scraps,

recycled materials, and

honest-to-goodness trash.

No piece of junk escapes our notice as a potential art element, to be resurrected and

glorified in an unexpected

statement of beauty.

Betty Lacy, multimedia quilt artist

Rosie Morris,

coiled basketmaker

Moises Lua Lupian

A person, a moment, a story.

When I was twelve I received an Ipod, the first model with a camera. I remember being very excited and taking many pictures. I messed around with features in editing apps. I was mesmerized; it felt sort of like magic.


At first, the idea of photography to me was how combining cameras and lights could affect one's mood by capturing an image, a piece of art. As much as I was fascinated with all this I had envisioned myself pursuing my strongest passion film. Now photography and film are equally important.

During my freshman year I had a friend taking photography class. After seeing what she could do in Photoshop I knew I had to take that class. My instructor Lech Slocinski explained how a camera works, and also I learned about the history of photography. I have continued to learn when I took advanced photography class. Now that I’m graduating high school I’d like to thank him for helping and encouraging me to become the photographer I am today.

I’ve always liked to look at the photographs in National Geographic magazines, often wondering what photographers had to go through to get pictures of all the stunning scenery, or how close they had to get a lion to take that photo. Photography seemed to be an adventure that captured moments that could be enjoyed by millions around.


Portrait photography is what interests me the most, viewing beauty differently. A person, a moment, a story. That is what I try to capture.

Trash to Fashion art exhibit featuring fashions and accessories constructed with previously used materials rescued from recycling, trash or thrift stores.

Exhibit will be on display through April 29th.

With Laura Fogg and Betty Lacey showing creations from previously used materials in the Corner Gallery Front windows.

Trash to Fashion

Art Center Ukiah

 Trash to Fashion Exhibit features clothing and hats created
 by Joni Derickson, Alexa Wood and Susan Gibbons from
 reclaimed materials.

Jacquie Lolich, Kera Gibson

and other community members works will be featured. 

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