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July 2024

Frame It Corner Gallery July 2024.jpg

Esther Siegel and Spencer Brewer have decided that it's the right time, once again, to do a show of their assemblage students' work in the front windows of the Corner Gallery. This year's show, entitled "FRAME IT," will be similar to the show they put together last summer, in that it will all be the results of the pair's one-day assemblage workshops. However, this new show will be an entirely new group of students (with one exception) and entirely new pieces, almost all of which will be presented in some kind of frame.


Twenty students finished projects that they chose to submit for this show. A few of the students are professional artists, a couple are repeat students of Esther's and Spencer's, but most have never done art before. The newcomers have all fulfilled dreams that they could someday do something like this. Esther points out that it's scary for some people to do art and show it for the first time, but that it's a continuously fun and playful process for both the instructors and the students. 


"Part of the fun," Esther says, "is that what you make has never been made before. Unlike painting, where there are beautiful examples of almost everything that can be done, there is no expectation about the end product with this assemblage art form. So whatever you do is totally perfect... if you make it, you automatically love it." She continues, "The students can pick any objects they like from our huge collection of stuff in our barn, and use it alone or combine it with family memorabilia or other personal objects to make something that is meaningful to them."


"One woman," Esther recounts, "came to the class with her 11-year-old granddaughter. They worked as a team, with the granddaughter making all the decisions and the grandmother supporting her by doing much of the actual assembling of elements. They brought materials from home, but ended up using mostly items in the barn that caught the granddaughter's fancy. The girl was initially pretty shy but opened up with the playful quality of the process. The grandmother said it was one of the best experiences she has ever had with her granddaughter." 


Spencer and Esther plan to continue teaching these day-long assemblage classes. Having seen how rewarding it is when family members attend the class together, they especially encourage people to come as a family unit. It is a unique experience for couples, parents and kids, or grandparents and grandchildren. Although most people only take one class, Esther mentions that students can benefit from taking more than one, and that there is a 20% discount for repeat students. Information about upcoming classes can be found at


The First Friday opening celebration for "FRAME IT" will be on July 5 from 5-8pm. Live music will be presented throughout the evening by Steve Winkle. The Corner Gallery is located at 201 S State Street in Ukiah.

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