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Reception 5pm to 8pm 
on First Friday Art Walk
Nov. 4th, 2016
 Featured Artists
  •  Craig Maize Photography            
  • ACU "Veteran's Art Show"


Photography by Craig Maize

Craig Maize Artist Statement:


I began using a camera for it's obvious function - to take photographs. The more photos I took the more immersed in photography I became. I sought out knowledge in any form that I could find. A practice that still continues today. If my photos have a mission, it is this: to capture the memories of today that we will treasure tomorrow and for the years to come, and present them in a different and interesting way.

It may be a vivid sunset, a striking landscape, a beautiful piece of art or a musician expressing his emotion through his instrument. Whatever the subject, it is my hope that these images will stir up unexpected memories and feelings in the viewer.

Craig Maize is a Business Development Specialist at Belkorp Ag and a photographer specializing in many different forms of photography from portraits to sports to landscapes to real estate and more. He got his start in photography by taking photos of his friends who were playing in local bands. After booking his first portrait photo shoot he decided to take his hobby to the next level and started Craig Maize Photography. He is dedicated to becoming the best photographer that he can be, spending countless hours learning his trade.

His work can be viewed on FaceBook at

Craig Maize Photography

and on Instagram at cmaizephoto.

He can be contacted

by phone at


or by email at

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