You are invited to celibrate show openings with us

from 5 to 8pm on the First Friday of every month. 

                                                                           Click on each month for more details

April 2018
Open reception on First Friday, April 6th, 5-8pm
ACU "Garden Art Fundraiser"  
"Draw-til-U-drop"   April 21st---    
  Featured Artists,
  • Caring Kitchen "Birdhouse Bidding"
March 2017
Open reception on First Friday, March 3rd, 5-8pm
ACU "Art Clock Fundraiser"          
  Featured Artists,
  • Potter Valley Senior Art Show
  • Amanda Reardan        
Febuary 2017
Open reception Feb 3rd the Following Friday
ACU "Quick Draw"          
  Featured Artists,
  • Members Showcase
January 2017
Open reception on First Friday Jan 6th, 5-8pm 
ACU "Winter Bounty - Treasures of Sea & Shore"          Guest Artist,​
  • Linda Wolfard
December 2016
Open reception Dec 2nd the First Friday
ACU "Holidays in Mendocino County"          
  Guest Artists,​
  • Spacer Brewer & Esther Siegel
November 2016
Open reception on First Friday, Nov. 4th, 5-8pm
ACU "Veteran's Art Show"          
  Guest Artist,
  • Craig Maize Photography
October 2016
Open reception on First Friday, Oct 7th, 5-8pm
      ACU featuring 15 local artist work with Paper as part of  "Mendocino County Celebrates American Craft Week" 
September 2016
  • ACU "Trains Planes and Automoblies"
  • Guest Artists, 
          Ukiah Photograph Club 
August 2016
  • ACU "Small Works"
  • Guest Artists,           
  •  Deborah Briggs
  •  Adrianna & Emily Oberg
July 2016
Open reception on First Friday, July 1st, 5-8pm
ACU "Small Works"          
  Guest Artist,
  • Christina Richards
  • Evan Trotter
June 2016
Open reception on First Friday, June 3rd, 5-8pm
ACU "Chair Affair"  
  "Taste of DownTown" Friday June 24th 5:30-8       
  Guest Artist,
  • MICA (Mendocino Inland Ceramic Artists)
May 2016
Open reception on First Friday, May 6th, 5-8pm
 7th Annual
"High School Photography Show"          
April 2016
Open reception on First Friday, April 1st, 5-8pm
ACU "Pomolita Middle School Art Show" 
   Special extra reception for students, friends and      family on April 8th 4-8pm         
  Guest Artist,
  • Lynn Williams
  • Pat Elliot
March 2016
Open reception on First Friday, March 4th, 5-8pm
ACU "Birds, Bees, and Bugs"          
  Guest Artist,
  • Pete Ethan Castro
  • "What is Your Vision For Public Art in Our Community" Interactive Panel Discussion March 31, 2016 @ 7:00 pm
Febuary 2016
Open reception Feb 5th the Following Friday
ACU "Matters of the Heart"          
  Guest Artists,
  •  Ukiah Photography Club
January 2016
Open reception Jan 8th the Following Friday
ACU "The Sea & The Shore"          
  Guest Artists,
  •  Lech Slocinski
  •  Rock Sand Clay
December 2015
  •  “Friends invite show” 
   Guest Artists,
  •  Heather Law, Ceramics
  • Spencer Brewer & Esther Siegel
November 2015
           (mushroooms in the woods is the inspiration)
Guest Artists,            
  •   Lynn Thompson
  •  Mary Waters Monroe
  • "Art in Action" Special Discussion Panel Talk                  Thurs. Nov 19th @ 7pm
October 2015
  • AMERICAN CRAFTS MONTH, wood artists
   Guest Artists, 
  •  Frank Noyd, MICA 
September 2015
  • “ Small Works”
        (open to the public 12”X12” or smaller)
   Guest Artists,
  •  Barbara Phelps
  •  Ellen Boulanger
July & August 2015 
   “Celebrate Our Independence Honoring Veterans”
   Guest Artists,
  • Rolf Kriken, bronze sculptures 
  • Special Talk by Rolf on Fri, Aug 21st @ 7pm


June 2015
  • "Chair Affair" 3rd Annual ACU fundraiser auction
   Special Showing at the Taste of Downtown,
        Gowans Hard Apple Cider, June 26th 5-8
 Guest Artists
  • Mendocino Inland Ceramic Artists Guild,
                                  aka MICA
May 2015
  • "A Photo a Day", High School Photography
        the 6th Annual Student Photography Show
April 2015
 G.A.S.P. at ACU
Teachers and students of
"Get Arts in the Schools Program"
  Feathered Guest Artist,
  •  Sarah Handy, photography
March 2015
"Only Time Will Tell"
Special Event March 27th 5:30-7:30      
 Guest Artists
  • James Eldridge
  • George Knauss
February 2015
"Matter of the Heart"          
  Guest Artists,
  •  Rob Coots
  •  Dr. Robert Werra
January 2015
"Wind, Wave and Whatever"
       (Crab and the Ocean are the inspiration)
Guest Artist
  • Tobin Keller
December 2014
           (mushroooms in the woods is the inspiration)
  • Guest Artists,
           Robert Yelland & Lynne Whiting Robertson
           Bill Koerlin
November 2014
           (mushrooms are the inspiration)
  • Guest Artists,            
           Dick & Bonnie Lumaghi
October 2014
  • Guest Artists, 
           Mendocino Inland Ceramic Artists Guild,
                              aka MICA
September 2014
  • Guest Artists,
          Sid Greenup
          Thomas Winters
August 2014
  • Guest Artists,
           Jo Artlin and
          Adele Pruitt's Students
               Cathy Monroe, Dean Burkes,
               Fran Burkes, Lynn Gulyash, Lee Rossavick,
               Kathleen Gordon-Burke 
July 2014
  • Guest Artists,
            Margaret Pirrouette
            Christine Rose
June 2014
  • TASTE OF DOWNTOWN June 20th 5-8pm
  • Guest Artists, 
              Mendocino Inland Ceramic Artists Guild, aka MICA
May 2014
April 2014 
  • Draw til you drop
  • Seed Library Logo Contest
  • Guest Artists:  Laurie Hrdina / Manzanita Group
  • Music by Chris and Char
March 2014