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July 2014

Reception on the "Following" Friday Art Walk
July 11th, 2014  5 to 8pm
Front Window Guest Artist
  • Christine Rose
  • Mararet Pirrouette
ACU show
   "Summer Pastimes, Summer Bounty"

Christine Rose

Author and artist Christine Rose joins the Corner Gallery this July with a display of her dark, eclectic work, both artistic and literary. Her love of Gothic fantasy is the inspiration behind her award-winning fiction, poetry, and visual art. In both mediums, Christine incorporates history, mythology, and tragic romance in her truly unique and memorable creations. She enjoys experimenting with mixed media, making her work literally emerge from the canvas.



Under the pen name O. M. Grey, Christine has not only been an Amazon Gothic Romance Bestselling author and an award-winning poet, but she's also become a prolific voice on the subject of sexual violence and responsible community response, both in writing and as a public speaker.

Margaret Pirrouette

"Waterliles" 12'X36' oil painting on linen by Margaret Pirroutte

"Bright Day" 22X28 oil painting on linen by Margaret Pirroutte

"My life has been a journey of art since I was a young girl. Studying art in New York, at the art students league, before moving to California. I have lived in Mendocino County for the past 30 years. I find beauty and inspiration in this beautiful county. I have found wonderful teachers here also, and continue on my life long journey of art."
                           Margaret Pirrouette

"Summer Pastimes, Summer Bounty"

Art Center Ukiah is hosting an art show to celibrate the pastimes and bounty of summer. This show is open to all artists of our community, and to all mediums. We will be taking entries up to July 30th 2014. Only $15 for the first entry, $10 for second entry. Be a part of the summer fun, and keep the arts in Ukiah growing.
Thank you for supporting Art Center Ukiah !






"Dorotheya given an Heirloom Squash a Hug"

                        Photo entry

The ACU show “Summer Pastimes, Summer Bounty” is having 2 receptions, July 11th, and First Friday, August 1st, 2014. The show running until August 29th, 2014.
Corner Gallery and Art Center Ukiah
201 South State Street
Ukiah, Ca.
707 462-1400
Hours 11am-5pm Tue through Sat.



                        Mixed Media Sculpture


                             Geri San Filippo

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