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The work on display will be from Ukiah High School students taking either the Introduction to Photography class or the dual enrollment College Art 140 class. 


The title of this show, “AIn’t,” refers to the fact that all the work on display will be actual photography as opposed to Artificial Intelligence. The students do class exercises with their cameras on different subjects, the best examples for the show are exhibited. There is definitely some AI embedded in the Photoshop tools that the students are learning to use… Photoshop is AI assisted to make the work easier… but in these classes they do not create images with AI. They are trying to stick to the art of image making for this show.”

The title of the show brings forth the question what is art. Lech Slocinski the photography instructor responds with “I think it’s the skill used to put things together, to reassemble reality that is the art. You have to have a vision to do it, which comes from a creative place deep inside the individual artist.”  We have all seen a photo image that captures the “art, emotion or symbolism of something we see in life. This is the skill of the photographer.

While the photographs on exhibit are not AI this is an opportunity to explore what this new technology means to the creative world. AI is a problem because we don’t know who the creators are. Is the blending of someone else’s images to create a new narrative original art… or is it stealing? It’s the skill used to put things together, to reassemble reality, that is the art?

Enjoy all original art work demonstrated through photography by these talented students through May 31, 2024.

The MCOEC is the supporter of the Ukiah High School Photography Show.


The First Friday opening reception for AIn’t will be on May 3 from 5-8pm.


Young Artist Wall:  Stephanie Holland, an early graduate of Sequoia Career Academy she focuses on landscapes and animal painting in oil and acrylic.

Polly Palecek is the featured artist using oil and acrylic paintings on the Mendocino County Arts Association’s pony wall.


Live music will be provided throughout the evening by Sy Frey. Corner Gallery at 201 S State Street, Ukiah

Click below for short video

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