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Reception 5pm to 8pm 
on First Friday Art Walk
July 5th, 2019
 Featured Artists   
  • Claudia Flood 

  • Sid Greenup

  • ACU show "America The Beautiful" 

Claudia Flood
Claudia Flood.jpeg
Claudia Flood flowers.jpg

“I use my brushes and pencils to weave a tale, instead of word.”

Claudia Flood

Her paintings each have a story to tell. Her work is a unique blend of talent, skill and a slightly, “off center” sense of humor which sneaks out and impishly play with the minds of those who view her paintings. 


Claudia Flood’s paintings can be seen at the

Corner Gallery in the month of July 2019


for her complete biographical information.

Sid Greenup 


About my Art. 

My career was in metallurgy. Fabrication, machining design engineering and product development. 

Through my life I've dabbled with many mediums of art expressions, painting, carving wood, 

casting cement etc. 

Manipulating metal has been my favorite. 

Stainless, copper and mild steel are my canvases. 

Trying to create something new and different, “unique” has been my purpose.


I think I achieved that in this

present group of pieces that I am presenting

Greenup eggs on brains.JPG
Greenup floater.jpg
"The Floater" by Sid Greenup
Sid Greenup "Eggs on brains"
Greenup heart in hand.JPG
Sid Greenup "heart in hand"
Greenup dave.JPG
"Dave" by Sid Greenup
 Greenup star far.JPG
"Stars" by Sid Greenup
america The Beautiful poster.jpg
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