Jeanette Carson

Jeanette can’t remember a time in her life when she was not creating some type of artwork. After college she worked as a commercial artist in the Bay Area and then moved with her family to Ukiah, where she opened a graphic arts and leaded glass design business, in operation for 30 years. For the last six years, she has also been painting in watercolor.

Jeanette has chosen to work with stained glass and watercolor for personal reasons —it allows her to create art that enhances the experiences of people, and expresses her feelings of all that is beautiful and optimistic in the world. Because these mediums have similar transparent qualities, they can lead beyond the immediate and out of the normal.

In creating her art, she uses designs that include the mind but do not isolate it. In a society that values reality, she wants her work to show something positive, fresh, and open.​

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