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Reception 5pm to 8pm 
on First Friday Art Walk
Dec. 4th, 2015
  •  ACU “Friends invite show” 
   Guest Artists,
  •  Heather Law, Ceramics
  • Spencer Brewer & Esther Siegel

Heather Law


We are what we buy. 

       We are what we use. 

            We are what we throw away. 

"White Trash"

ceramics by Heather Law

We live in a world where there is more plastic than plankton swirling around in the North Pacific Ocean. Millions of tons of trash are produced worldwide, contributing to planetary degradation. My work is a direct response to living in a material-saturated, mass-consumer society which has evolved into an increasingly disposable nation. 

By creating trash that claims attention and demands to be noticed, I aim to make an ethical claim on the viewer; I invite him or her to think about their interactions with objects on a daily basis. With every casual action, people make trash; from everything we eat and drink to the refuse we flush down the drain, we all consume planetary resources. By identifying with our own personal contribution to the solid waste stream, it is my hope that we can better evaluate the pitfalls of our nation’s throwaway culture. 

"Black and White" ceramic by Heather Law

Spencer Brewer & Esther Siegel

                   Transforming the everyday cast-off into something extraordinary…


Spencer Brewer & Esther Siegel have a passion for creating quirky and fantastical pieces of art out of re-purposed, or ‘found art’ materials. From the whimsical and humorous to the punk and dark, each piece is one of a kind. Creating “new compositions” from vintage or unusual objects, they inspire viewers with a sense of delight, surprise and sometimes awe. 
Working both separately and as a team, Spencer & Esther confer regularly on their artwork. “We don’t always have the same vision, but we always listen and that feedback can open new doors.” Their studio is a wonderland of eccentric odds and ends and then some. Nicknamed the “Barn of Curiosities, Oddities and Light”, one discovers a much venerated collection of eccentric obsolete ephemera & vintage electromechanical obscura giving these artists endless options for their transformative art. 
Esther Siegel's “late in life artist” emerged from the scrapbooking world. From there she expanded to unique one of a kind greeting cards and then moved into ‘found art’ sculptures. Her pieces are a mixture of the whimsical and dark humor. They range from Barbie Doll parts (Altered Barbies) to old neck ties (Awards), to horse and doll parts (Horse People) and antique toasters (Twisted Toasters). She describes her creative process as sometimes very slow and frustrating and goes through many variations on a theme before settling on the finished piece. 


Spencer has been creating art and music since he was a young boy. For most of his life his focus was on the piano and in addition to creating, recording and producing music, he dedicated a significant portion of time to working on over 20,000 pianos, crank phonographs and pump organs. This gave him the opportunity to collect unique and obscure vintage mechanical objects along the way. 
In 2006 Spencer began to focus his creative energy on the ‘re-purposed or found-art’ world, using parts he had amassed over the years to create unusual sculptures. “I love vintage 60-150 year-old beautifully designed parts and objects. The graphic design and engineering of the industrial to the science fiction eras inspire me.” 


“Friends invite show” 

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