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JUNE 2018

Reception 5pm to 8pm 
on First Friday Art Walk
June 1st, 2018
 Featured Artists
  • Maria Elena Garcia Botero & Gloria Simmonds

  • Members of Adele Pruitt's class, Irene McFarland, Jan Byland, Lois Gray, Ginger O’Shea, Polly Palecek, Kathalene Kephart, Lynn Gulyash, and Dean Burke.

  • ACU show -                   "Artists Under 30"

  • Taste of Downtown,  Milano Winery - June 22th from 5:30 to 8:30

Maria Elena Garcia Botero

Gloria Simmonds

Maria Elena Garcia Botero is visiting from Columbia.  Her paintings focus on the poetic and scientific nature of the universe.  She has shown her work extensively in South America and the United States.

Her friend, Gloria Simmonds, will be displaying some of her feng shui mosaic mirrors.


by Maria Elena Garcia Botero


"These works were created by a genuine interest in the Universe and its scientific and poetic content."


My work is inspired by the world around us and the daily visions I perceive - Sometimes it is resolved as a magical reality, sometimes as an abstraction.

I am always interested in the color, shape, and interrelation of space and the different planes.


I try to capture the internal kinetics of matter and the vibration of bright color, is a way of capturing and describing this structure.


Each work is developed by a hand-brain dialogue of instant associations and decisions that connect different elements - to build and de-construct in an innovative way. The works contain visual symbols that are part of the universal code.

When the human figure is present as a character,

he appears as an inevitable observer and always correlated to his inner world.


The Cosmic landscapes are inspired by the constant expansion of the Universe. 

During the initial explosion (Big Bang) light travels in all directions, through enormous distances and at high speed, as sources of different origins: intercepting and reflecting each other, reaching immense spaces in the void. In its passage the light I create radiation, fires, clouds and smoke that long afterwards when cooling formed precipitations and condensations; 

later they solidified like matter in movement, ordering itself in immense celestial bodies, some surrounded by fragments. There they were planets, where appeared primitive organisms that later evolved to forms more complex life animal and finally arrived at the man.  


The matter in its initial expression is Light, superimposed in multiple dimensions,

that is entering and leaving in different planes.


Light creates an infinite cosmic dance, where matter and spirit are a single ocean of love;

full of infinite possibilities in the conscious evolution of life.


Corner Gallery

is also featuring 

Adele Pruitt's students. Their focus has recently been on painting waterfalls.

Irene McFarland,

Jan Byland,

Lois Gray,

Ginger O’Shea,

Polly Palecek,

Kathalene Kephart,

Lynn Gulyash,

& Dean Burke.

Come Join us in the Downtown of Ukiah for food, spirits and entertainment.

Tickets are available thru The Main Street Program.

Corner Gallery will be hosting Milano Winery from Hopland

Friday, June 22nd

5:30 to 8:30

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