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April    2023

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updated 4/7/23

Jill Millward paints everything whether or not it will sit still for her. Huge still lifes in clashing colors, dozens of animals caught in the act of being themselves, atmospheric landscapes, vibrant abstracts and quirky portraits all flow from her loose brush at an astonishing rate. She is committed to hanging entirely new art on her gallery wall each month, and she never ceases to surprise us with her huge variety of scale, color and energy.


Darrell Carpenter works in mixed media collage, emphasizing the use of intricately cut paper. Most of his pieces are large, and from a distance many of them evoke images of intricate Persian carpets. As Darrell describes it, his job in construction both supports and reflects his passion for putting things together, so for him art and life are neatly intertwined. 


One more guest artist will show their work in the other side of the front windows. Meelah Dorhosti will display her stunning ceramics on a section of the pony wall. A sign accompanies her work, "When I was about 3 years old, I announced to my family, 'When I grow up I'm going to be an artist.' Then two things happened 1) My family was shocked and refused to accept that idea. 2) I was in my 60s before I realized that I had become a grown-up. I'm finally living my dream. In 2013 I earned my MFA in painting and drawing. Currently I am enjoying ceramics again." We hope guests will stop to enjoy Meelah's "grown-up" ceramic work as well.

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