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Reception 5pm to 8pm 
on First Friday Art Walk
February 7th, 2020
 Featured Artists
  • Lauren Noorlag   

  • Jeanne Koelle

  • ACU-"Quick Draw"

Lauren Noorlag

Lauren Noorlag
Lauren Noorlag
Corner Gallery Noorlag_2767.jpg

My work is mostly centered around a childlike take of everyday things through the use of high detail and surrealism. A re-imagined reality of simple, everyday objects in the effort to make us all smile. The presence of plants and fish in a space have proven to benefit our overall comfort and lessen our anxiety levels. That is why we often see them used in doctors offices and restaurants. Throughout my career, my artwork has followed this theme of taking time to enjoy the wonder around you. And where better to spark that untainted curiosity than the wilds of Northern California! Stress seems to be a constant riding companion as we progress through life. My hope is that my work reignites that childlike wonder, deep inside us all, and simply serve as a reminder for us to smile.

Noorlag 951651.JPG
Lauren Noorlag

Jeanne Koelle

Jeanne Koelle is a graduate of Kutztown University in Pennsylvania, with a BS degree in Biology, minor in Fine Arts.  She’s mainly self-taught.  Her work has been featured in numerous publications and can be found in many private collections and corporate product lines.  She’s a current member of Willits Center for the Arts, Ukiah Valley Artist’s Coop, Mendocino County Art Association, Watercolor Artists of Sonoma County (WASCO), The Sun House Guild, recently published in Ree Slocum’s Inland Artists of Mendocino County Volume II, and past member of Made in Mendocino Gallery/Hopland. Art is a passion, a means of personal transformation and a creative outlet for Jeanne’s desires, dreams and imagination.  Natural beauty kindles her connection to spirit, and she expresses it through color and the play of light, the fluid mystery of creation.  She has been an artist since childhood with those first crayons committing her to a lifetime of wonder.  Having accomplished herself in the world of commercial art, graphics, and advertising, her medium of choice now is transparent watercolor.

Corner Gallery Druid Arch Jeanne Koelle
Corner Gallery magnolia Jeanne Koelle ss
Corner Gallery Jeff's Hog Jeanne Koelle
quick draw poster 4.0 2020.jpg
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