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Receptions 5pm to 8pm 
on First Friday Art Walk
July 3rd & Sept. 4th, 2015
   Guest Artists,
  • Rolf Kriken, bronze sculptures
  • Talk by Rolf, Aug 21st @ 7pm


    The “No End in Sight” Sculpture is a statement about raising the awareness of the continuing engagements we seem to keep getting involved in.

Rolf Nord Kriken


      In his article, “Political Views Expressed in Art”, writer, Steven Winn, quotes the poet, Wilfred Owen “All a poet can do today is warn”. Mr. Owen goes on to say, “On one level that is a concession of how limited and ineffectual art is. On another it is a call to act, to listen and attend as closely as possible; to hear and see as fully as we can. Only then with our hearts and minds engaged can change begin.”
                                              Rolf Nord Kriken

"Toy Story" by Rolf Nord Kriken

"Toy Story" by Rolf Nord Kriken

"Big Red" by Rolf Nord Kriken

"Nims" by Rolf Nord Kriken

"You Choose" by Rolf Nord Kriken

"No End" by Rolf Nord Kriken

Art Center Ukiah 

“Celebrate Our Independence Honoring Veterans”

Entry forms available at the Corner Gallery

First Friday

at the

Corner Gallery

on 7 Aug 2015

live painting

by Marc Gengoux with music by Steve Ham &

Sid Bishop

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