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The “Sisters” theme in the front windows of the Corner Gallery will continue through the month of September, though the seven unrelated women (Seven Sisters) who showed in August will be replaced by two bona fide sisters. They are Nan Bearden Frenkel and Susan Bearden Gates, the daughters of renowned local watercolorist Francine Bearden. Though the number of “sisters” is reduced, the show is sure to delight viewers.

Nan and Susan grew up in the Ukiah area, and were strongly influenced both by their father’s love of the outdoors and their mother’s artistic creativity. As adults, Nan went on to get a BA in Art Practice at UC Berkeley, while Susan graduated from the College of Natural Resources at the University of California. With child rearing behind them, both sisters are currently focusing a bit more on their lifelong interests, which includes a healthy dose of art practice. Susan continues in her mother’s footsteps with watercolor, while Nan incorporates oil pastels and even textiles in some of her work.


Another guest artist for September is Lynda Hassett, who has been working as a painter and winning awards for the past nineteen years. According to her, “One of my greatest joys is painting watercolors and watching the colors mingle and soften.” She loves the clearness and vibrancy of the medium and particularly enjoys painting memories from her travels. Lynda’s work will be featured on one of the pony wall sections in the interior of the gallery.


The First Friday opening celebration for all of these shows will be on September 1 from 5-8pm. Live music will be provided throughout the evening by “Midas Well,” a favorite local duo comprised of Char Jacobs and Chris Gibson. The Corner Gallery is located at 201 S State Street in Ukiah.

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