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   Cassie Gibson

I have always loved the act of creation.

As a child, I drew acted, baked, made up stories, and spent a lot of time daydreaming.  I took very few art classes in school. In 1971, I bought my first sewing machine from a traveling salesman and began my interest in textiles. In the mid seventies I learned to paint with a thickened form of dye in Hawaii. When I returned to Ukiah, I began to make pieces of soft sculpture. I joined Made in Mendocino, a co-op created through an Arts grant. I began to take classes from Holly Brackman at Mendocino college. I learned to batik, silkscreen, tie dye, marble etc. In the late 80's Holly introduced silk dye to her class. I was very interested in the process and began to take workshops with people in the field. 

I have continued to paint with silk dye and resist and to hand and machine embroider on my pieces. I also silkscreen,dye, devore, and I have begun to work with felt and natural dyes as well. I love the processes. The ideas sometimes have to be coaxed out-of me other times they flow or they run around for a while in my brain. I am inspired by nature, human themes-peace, love, freedom etc. I am privileged to have the time to do my work and I believe in donating pieces to the organizations I support. In the last 10 years, I have primarily exhibited in Mendocino County. I am a member of the Corner Gallery in Ukiah and a consignment artist at the Upstairs Gallery in Healdsburg.

Work Previously Shown in Gallery

Other Work

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