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Reception 5pm to 8pm 
on First Friday Art Walk
Dec 6th, 2019
Featured Artists   
  • John Wolfard

  • Lynn Thompson

  • ACU show,"Small Works"

Jon Wolfard, a local woodworker,

will be showing some of his new work. Jon works with native hardwoods which he mostly milled from storm downed trees in the Lost Coast area. Although he occasionally uses tropicals, he prefers natives which include Madrone, Tan Oak, Canyon Oak, Chinquapin, Walnut, and others.

Jon Wolfard

John Wolfard Clock.jpeg
John Wolfard Table.jpeg
John Wolfard spoons.jpeg

The featured artists for the Corner gallery in December are 

Jon Wolfrad and 

Lynn Thompson, 

who will be showing their work on 1st Friday and through December.

Lynn Thompson

Lynn Thompson show of paintings is titled “Both Roads Taken.” Lynn relocated to Northern California from Florida twenty years ago.

By bringing with her the love of bright, vivid colors and combining the beauty of northern California, she hopes she has created art in three styles that speak volumes

to her audience.

Lynn Thompson Pic2 001.jpg
Lynn Thompson Pic1 001.jpg

Lynn’s first attempt at art was painting her baby brother with black enamel paint. She was three. Since she was twelve, she has been winning awards and scholarships. Lynn is proficient in all mediums. She is self-taught; whether it be a painting or a faux frescoes ceiling twenty-five feet up. Lynn decided to get a BA in arts, graduating with 4.0 average and departmental honors. Her work is in collections around the world. 

Creating her Art is Lynn’s passion,

a gift waiting to be opened.


Her work can also be seen at Mendocino Art Center,

Mendocino CA. 

Commissions are welcomed.

Candle poster  2019 4.25 x5.5 White fina
Holiday Sale Corner Gallery 2019 red .jp
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