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Featured Artist for September 2020

Olivia Consterdine

6 Ft. Apart – Covid in the Spring and Summer

“6 Ft. Apart – Covid in the Spring and Summer” is a photography-based show exploring
digital and physical distance in this pandemic paradigm.

Drawing inspiration from the Fluxus art movement of the 1960s and 70s – which maintained that
art can be found in the most mundane aspects of life – I have been creating photographs based
on daily rituals. I then place these images in grids to emphasize how each day is different – but
looking back, they all seem the same. All images are made using the confines of this new hightech,
low-pixel-count reality: my iPhone SE camera, 2011 laptop camera, and camera-less

Through this work, I am processing my experience in this new world as a college student
suddenly living back in her childhood home, trying to make sense of endless news stories about
hateful politics and thoughtless actions, and simply searching for a reason to get out of bed in the

I hope through humor and thoughtful contemplation, this work can provide some solace and
begin new dialogues for viewers. We’re not as alone in this time as we might feel – we are all
dealing with this new reality.

Olivia Consterdine [] is completing her undergraduate degree as an art
and mathematics double major at UC Santa Barbara. This is her first solo show and she is
pleased to be able to present it in her hometown of Ukiah, CA. Prints will be available for
purchase at the gallery in September.

Note : The Gallery is open on Friday and Saturday from 11-5 or by appointment (call Jeanette Carson at 462-8916 or Laura Fogg at 272-3703)

A short video clip of her display


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