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Reception 5pm to 8pm 
on First Friday Art Walk
August 3rd, 2018
 Featured Artists
  • Elizabeth Crawford

  • George Houg

  • ACU "Who is US?"

Elizabeth Crawford

Libby Keegan mirror 1 R_1717 adj.jpg
Libby Keegan Bear Woman  R_1718.jpg

About the Artist - Elizabeth Crawford


I was born and raised in Mendocino County,

mostly east of Hopland in McDowell Valley. I couldn’t wait to see the world and left at 18 for college.

After finishing my BA at UC Davis, I lived in France and San Francisco. After many years living elsewhere, I couldn’t wait to return to Mendocino County to raise my children. 


Insatiably curious about the world we live in, with a passion for education and helping people, I endeavored to pass along this life-long love of learning to others. After an MA in History and 20+ years of teaching, I returned to Sonoma State for my Master’s in Counseling and am in the process of finishing my 3000 hours to become a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. My art has been both a healing panacea and powerful self-care strategy; I can lose myself the creative process and it helps to balance the sometimes-painful stories I hear from my clients. 

Libby Keegan mirror R_1722.jpg

I began doing mosaic mirrors after meeting my husband, Peter, who was also a mosaic artist. My beloved Mendocino County never fails to nourish, excite and inspire me. Our spectacular Mendocino County coast and, most particularly, the town of Elk with its distinctive rocks, have always felt like my spiritual home and are reflected in many of my mirrors. Duncan’s Peak in Hopland; the vineyards of my childhood and my mother and husband’s gardens have also been favorite themes. A voracious reader (a love shared by both of my children), books have been both passion and escape; even an inspiration for one of my mirrors – The Secret Garden - which I lovingly made with my daughter Michaela in mind. My beloved husband, Peter and my two children: AJ and Michaela, have been my greatest gifts and my most profound muses; the joy I have felt through them I believe is reflected in my art.

George Houg

Houg Train 0137.jpg
Houg Ships 01.jpg

George Houg is a lake county artist for 7 years, and a mendocino county artist for 25 years prior to that.  His only formal art instruction was while in the US Navy in 1965 when

he enrolled in the

Famous Artist Commercial Art Course. Beyond that, his only other education over the last 50 years has come from

PBS television shows

and a few art books.

George's main areas of interest are in western, marine, and railroad genres, and when one views the body of his work, one realizes he is documenting bygone eras.

This is however, the unintentional  result of simply painting whatever strikes his fancy

at the time. 

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