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February 2015

Reception 5pm to 8pm
on First Friday Art Walk Feb 6th, 2015
Featuring Guest Artists
  • Rod Coots
  • Dr. Robert Werra
"Matters of the Heart"
     Art Center Ukiah show open
     to public entries  


A native of Long Beach, California, Rod Coots ‘developed’ an interest in photography in high school. He studied the arts, including photography, in college, but with a bow to the practical world, eventually pursued a career in land surveying, which brought him to Mendocino County in 1969.
Surveying for over 40 years gave him the opportunity to experience the raw beauty of Mendocino County keeping his photography interests honed. Eventually, with retirement from surveying in view, Rod increasingly shifted energies towards the camera.
In 2011, his wife, Kathy Shearn, suggested photographing shelter dogs at the Mendocino County Animal Shelter where she had been volunteering. By 2012, he was "hooked," and has now photographed over 1,200 dogs. His work, shown on the shelter website and various social media sites,  helps bring visitors in. It has become standard to hear folks from around the Bay Area and beyond declare that a photo of a particular dog had prompted their visit to the shelter.
Rod and Kathy now visit the shelter 2 or 3 times a week, and their marriage is continually "going to the dogs."

The Dogs

at Plant Road


Rod Coots

In 2011, Rod Coots began visiting the Ukiah Shelter, his wife, Kathy Shearn, had been volunteering for six years. Asked to help with the photos being used for various websites, posters, flyers, he began a three-year labor of love. Spending time with each dog he would try to bring out and capture their amusing inherent natures and individual personalities. Documenting these moments can sometimes be challenging but it is always rewarding, especially knowing it helps with the overall effort of fostering and adoption.

                    Dr. Robert Werra 

Dr. Werra will be the featured artist at The Corner Gallery in February.  Through the past 60 years,  photography of wildflowers, nature, and worldwide sights has been a regular hobby.  He has accumulated many hundreds of favorite images.  He has decided to share them with others who might appreciate them.  His travels include native wildflowers from California, the USA, the Alps, Turkey, Russia, the Himalayas, Argentina, and Chile.  He particularly loves South African wildflowers and has visited there a number of times and raises them at home as another hobby.  His best trip over the years was to Antarctica photographing  icebergs and penguins following the path of Shackleton’s lifesaving epic journey.  He has also toured China and India. 


He plans to donate half of any profits from this happy endeavor to support Hospice of Ukiah, a volunteer Hospice, Palliative Care, and Alzheimer’s Caregiver Support program.
Dr. Robert Werra is a Semi-retired Family Physician, who has practiced in Ukiah for the past 50 years. 
For more information, contact Dr. Robert Werra at
707-391-8931 or at
Please join us at the reception on Art Walk First Friday Feb 6th, 2015 from 5pm to 8pm
Live Music by Steve Winkle 
Special thanks to Frey Vineyards

"Matters of the Heart"

Art Center Ukiah
Call to Artists!
Entries open to the Public
Due Feb. 4th 2015


"Matters of the Heart"
Juried Art Show Feb 6 - Feb 28.
A special exhibit of local artists
work. Paintings, photography and mixed media reflecting matters of the heart. Including art work by Ricia Azaiza Diptych
Art Center Ukiah,
201 S. State St.

"The Love is Still There"

Ricia Azaiza Diptych

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