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JULY 2016

Reception 5pm to 8pm 
on First Friday Art Walk
July 1st, 2016
  •  Christina Richards
  •  Evan Trotter
  •  ACU "Small Works" show

I loved the way it seemed to magnify and intensify the color of his creations. I have always loved art in the abstraction, so when I started creating my own art, I knew I wanted these qualities of Resin to be part of my paintings.

Christina Richards

Resin Artist

My interest in Resin began while watching my dad use this material while creating his art pieces. 

When the designing for a piece is done, on a prepared wood Panel, I then use Resin and a variety of pigments to produce a completely unique effect. This technique can mimic patterns of flowers, exploding stars, or prism images. The patterns that can be created are endless.

It is not only the completed painting that brings me joy and satisfaction but the actual process of manipulating the medium.
To create images and then watching my designs and pigment selections morph into exciting pieces filled with illusions and images, ripples, and swirling rivers of brilliant metallic color.

Because the effect of Resin can sometimes be unpredictable it allows me to freely experiment without restrictions. I like that my art can be somewhat predictable without being pretentious and I am usually amazed at my colorful end results.

Evan Trotter

“woodworkers do not create beauty, they reveal beauty.”

I am a 28 year old, self taught woodworker, born and raised in Redwood Valley. I have always been drawn to, and fascinated by trees and woodgrains. I underwent back surgery in 2010 aimed at allowing me to go back to work as a carpenter. While the surgery was unsuccessful, it prompted me to take a serious look at ways I could reduce the stresses on my body while still working with the medium i had come to love.

I started experimenting with finer woodworking in my spare time in 2012. Working with construction style tools and fumbling my way through, I was able to produce things that were structurally sound and utilitarian, if not delicate or beautiful.

Over the last few years, I have started putting together a woodworking shop in a barn in Redwood Valley. The proceeds from the pieces i sell go toward purchasing more tools and materials to try new things with. My most recent purchase is a 1940s era PowerMatic lathe. I began turning bowls in the beginning of 2016. 

Whenever I have time, I make things in my own style, but I enjoy equally making custom, one of a kind pieces.

I will also restore or repair antique or high quality wood items. 

My goal is to create affordable, one of, heirloom quality furnishings and personal items, as well as creating beautiful, purpose built, home wear. I use reclaimed and responsibly sourced woods almost exclusively. 

Feel free to contact me with any requests, big or small.

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