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We are a group of diverse artists with goal of promoting the arts and artists of Mendocino County through ongoing exhibits as well as community events.  
       Thank you for your interest in joining our organization. We welcome all local artists interested in participating in our Cooperative Gallery. You need to submit an application and images of your work. If you are interested in a short involvement, you might consider being a Featured Artist for a one-month show in one of our front windows.  You could be a Visiting Artist and display in a smaller space for a two to four month period.  If you are interested in a greater commitment, you might be interested in becoming a Member.
Member -   
   Members make a commitment for a year and are fully involved in the functioning and benefits of the gallery.
1. Full voting rights on all issues concerning the Gallery.
2. A dedicated space or area to show their work that             changes on a rotation basis. It is important to keep             work current and contribute to an overall fresh look to       the Gallery.
3. Participate in the general operations of the Gallery by       taking on a particular task which needs to be done.
4. Pay monthly dues of $100.
5. Attend monthly Gallery Meetings as well as attend             First Fridays.
6. Gallery sitting one and a half days to two days per month.
7. Receives 80% from sale of their art.
8. Receives a dividend at the end of the year if the                 Gallery does well. 
Featured Artist -
   This is an opportunity for artists to show their work in one of the front windows. Artists rent this space for one month for $170.  Their show includes a First Friday Reception. Publicity includes press releases sent to Ukiah Daily Journal and the Arts Council of Mendocino County and announcements in our web site and through our e-mail list.   The artist receives 80% of all sales
Visiting Artist -  
   We are opening up other spaces in the gallery for short term and more limited displays.  Currently we are renting spaces in our free standing walls, which provide six feet of wall space, for $85 per month with the gallery taking a 20% commission on art sold.  We look for a 2-4 month commitment.  Other spaces may be available, such as pedestals to display sculptural items like, ceramics, glass art and woodwork or cases for jewelry



Every month ACU opens a new show designed around a certain theme. Many shows are open to the public for a small entry fee. These shows are displayed in the large back room of the Corner Gallery. It's a great opportunity for people to engage their imagination and find ways to express themselves creatively. 


           For upcoming events check out the Corner Gallery EVENTS page.                

These upcoming show are also posted in local paper.               


call the Corner Gallery for info. 707 462-1400

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