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Reception 5pm to 8pm
on First Friday Art Walk Dec 5th, 2014
Featuring Guest Artists
  • Robert Yelland and Lynne Whiting
  • Bill Koerlin
    Art Center Ukiah show with Mushrooms and the forest as the inspiration 

December 2014

Special thanks to McFadden Winery
          for providing wine
    Join the  celebration
    Music by
Steve Winkle
"I went to Meritt College in Oakland In the year 2000 which really started my art journey. I worked in many different mediums, but have been stuck on mixed media using natural plant life for the past 11yrs. I was looking for something to pull me off the canvas and this really afforded me that opportunity. I can't seem to find the end of this ride so I think I'll stay on as long as it last. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy making it."        
                                        Bill Koerlin

Bill Koerlin

Robert Yelland

   Capturing the Light, Painting and Jewelry.
" Painting and making jewelry have given my life meaning. I find a connection to nature through painting and enjoy interacting with people interested in my jewelry.  I like challenging myself with new techniques and methods in both mediums."
                                             Robert Yelland

Lynne Whiting Robertson

     "These paintings are evidence of my adventures in painting this past year. I have braved the elements, insects, wind and the sun to paint outdoors, en plein air.
By working directly in the midst of my surroundings I hope to capture the natural changing light, the beauty, and the essence of each unique setting.
It has been a wonderful rediscovery to paint with oils again. After 33 years of teaching elementary school in Laytonville, and painting with watercolors for 20 years or so, I am thrilled to be using this luscious medium, and even better, to be doing it out in the natural world that I cherish.
So, these paintings are a way of sharing with you my profound love of our amazing environment that inspires and enriches my life." 
         Lynne Whiting Robertson
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