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William Shi

Growing up in China, I began my artistic journey when I was a 4-year-old boy and had my personal artwork displayed when I was 7. Just about when I turned 10, I was officially introduced to Chinese Painting. Right away, I developed a strong affection for the feeling of sweeping my brush saturated with the essence of ink across the silken rice paper, where each brushstroke became a celestial dance. In recent years, I have delved into other art genres such as oil painting, pencil/charcoal sketch, color pencil, pastels, western watercolor, and digital art.
I have been obsessed with observing animals since I was a child. I keep many pets with my favorite being the chickens, for I have kept many for almost 4 years and have paid attention to their very movements the whole time. Needless to say, they are the primary inspiration for my Chinese Paintings. My affection towards animals, combined with my passion for art, created me, a young artist who observes and paints.


YA chicken_8328_edited.png

Currently, I am a 10th grader at Instilling Goodness & Developing Virtues Boys School(IGDVBS). I have recently won art competitions such as the logo design for the Mendocino Science Fair 2023, the Golden Award for the Kentucky International Youth Competition, and the H.C. Andersen Art Award. My dream is to become an artist who would influence the world, like Leonardo Da Vinci.

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