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Kathleen Gordon-Burke

Artist's Statement

Art was important to me even as a child, I began by drawing the cartoon characters I saw in the Sunday Funnies then went on to draw house plans and used the Sears Catalogue to furnish them. By high school and then college I went on to paint in oils.


To support my life I turned to Graphic Arts which I did for 40 or more years including owning an advertising, graphics and printing business. My favorite job was as the Marketing Director for Humboldt County Tourism and Film Commissioner where I designed visitor guides, ads, promotional materials and more.


About 10 years ago I again picked up the paintbrush and joined Adele Pruitt’s painting classes where I learned new techniques and settled on a style called Grisaille. This method uses shades of gray to create the entire painting in sepia type tones before glazing in colors in many, many layers to finish with a painting as you see here.


Thank you for viewing my art, I appreciate your interest in the arts.


Other Work (Click on picture for slide show)

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