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         Susan Blackwelder


Artists have different motivations for creating art.  Some wish to make social or political statements. Some express anger, sorrow or other strong emotion.  Others let the creative spirit move them toward abstractions of color and form.  At this time in my life, it is all about representing the beauty and joy in life and about enjoying the process. I may choose charcoal, pastel, watercolor, oil paint, clay or wire for my medium.  If others appreciate the result, well, that’s a bonus.  

I have always loved to draw, and I particularly enjoy the human face and figure as subject matter.   Even in my landscapes, I often include a person or animal.  Though many artists cringe at the idea of a commission, I enjoy the challenge.  I especially enjoy painting portraits in oil and pastel.  I sculpt in clay, making masks and figures.  For landscapes and florals, I prefer watercolor to capture the play of light on the subject.  I believe that each artistic medium has its appeal depending on the task.

Other Work

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