January 2022 Art Exhibit at Art Center Ukiah
Making Peace with the Pieces

This show will be a place for the community to share in one person’s intimate, personal journey in the realm of mental difference (illness), the ending of that journey via suicide, and one mother’s healing journey through grief and beyond. The show will be multi-faceted, mainly oriented around two series of drawings by daughter and mother. The purpose is to once again bring loving attention to the difficult and often socially avoided issues of mental “illness” and suicide, how we cope, and what services and support we can seek or provide. There will be ways to participate and interact, as well as receive useful information. Through the art and the biography of one gifted being, who felt the need to “die”, we have an opportunity to see the poignant beauty in tragedy, to see radiance of being within darkness of soul. This show is about the healing modalities, including art, that we can choose to make Peace with the Pieces.
If you feel drawn to create a piece of art that relates to your own personal journey anywhere in this realm, this show is open to our community. We are hoping for many entries to contribute to this vital conversation.


Next Year's Shows

Following are the exhibit titles for the coming year at Art Center Ukiah, the community gallery, which shows artists of Mendocino and Lake Counties through juried exhibits built around these themes.  The details and entry form will be posted two months before each exhibit:

January:  Making Peace with the Pieces, (mental illness and suicide)
February:  Quick Draw, (by invitation only, life drawing)
March: Her Story, (for Women’s History Day)
April:  We are One, (with this planet, Earth Day)
May: Annual High School Photography Show
June:  The Chair Affair, (create an art chair for the auction to support Art Center Ukiah)
July: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, (who do you see when you look in the mirror?)
August: The Sky is the Limit, (at the time of the Perseid Meteor Showers what moves you to magic when you look up?
September: Salon (popular show last year, enter your best work, any media)