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Stephanie Holland

Redwood Valley native Stephanie Holland is the newest young artist to shine in the spotlight on The Corner Gallery’s dedicated Young Artist Wall. Her oil and acrylic paintings will be on display for the months of May and June. She states, “I absolutely love animals and that's what my paintings are usually based on. But I believe that my stronger pieces are landscapes.”


Stephanie has never taken any art classes because, as she explains, “I told myself that my art was whatever it needed to be in that moment, no matter the special technique.” She is especially inspired by the impressionist Claude Monet, “His pieces,” she says, “are so full of rich colors, and when I look at his paintings I feel a sense of calm and relaxation. I can picture myself in the setting of each painting. When I look at the painting called ‘The Luncheon’ I can feel myself right there with the sun and a cool breeze. I can hear French music playing in the background and I can visualize myself at the little table eating rich cheese and bread. That's why I love Monet’s paintings… they allow me to escape from my everyday crazy and hectic reality and feel what it would be like in the relaxing scene that the artist created.”


Searching for calm and an escape from reality are important tools for Stephanie in her daily life. She is open about the issues she faces, explaining that she was diagnosed at a young age with schizoaffective disorder, which only occurs in 0.3% of women and men. “Once I was diagnosed,” she explains, “my life was mostly filled with doctor appointments, medicines, and therapy. The thing that kept me going was art. Having the creative outlet to release my frustrations and sadness was a beautiful blessing. Viewing and doing art allowed me to be myself, and helped my mental health for the better. When I’m doing art, it allows me to just tune out all of the problems I’m facing and focus on what I love. I can follow my creativity to find a safe and centered space.”


In addition to spending her formative years in Redwood Valley, Stephanie has also moved with her family back and forth between here and the small town of Sandpoint in Idaho. She is currently an early graduate of Sequoia Career Academy in Ukiah and is planning to continue her schooling at Mendocino College. 


Stephanie’s favorite piece on her wall is ‘Eagles Watch.’ “It reminds me of the beautiful terrain of Sandpoint Idaho.” she says. “Having the beautiful sunset with majestic trees and mountains as the setting behind the perched bald eagle reminds me that we should enjoy our precious nature and wildlife before it's gone.”


The First Friday opening celebration for this show will be on May 3 from 5-8pm.

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