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Allison tuomala

Work Currently Showing at Corner Gallery Click below for slide show

Allison Tuomala comes to the Young Artist wall at the Corner Gallery with a fine recommendation... James Earl Jones once called them a "gifted artist." It's easy to see why.


Recently returned home to Fort Bragg after spending six years going to college and studying art in New York City, this talented collage artist explains that they are "looking for new and creative ways to communicate social and political viewpoints." They are currently perusing new subjects and themes with the goal of hoping to "establish my personal identity as an artist and develop my own style."


The style on display at the gallery is an evolution in progress. Allison notes that "My work has taken many different forms over the years. From mixed media collage to block prints and paintings. Every time I discover a new way to express myself, I immerse myself in it. Collage is my latest interest because it allows me to repurpose materials and minimize waste, things I try to remain conscious of in my art."


There have been many influences in Allison's artistic development. During college they were exposed to works by fabric artist Bisa Butler and collage artist Jesse Lappin, "both of which  would later be my influences as I explored mixed media collage."


Allison continues, "The time I spent in New York City informs all of my work. In the city I fondly call 'home,' I was exposed to a greater world than existed beyond my small hometown on the West Coast. I frequented art galleries and museums, attended theatrical productions, and took part in protests that advocated for political and social change. I had mentors who encouraged my artistic endeavors, and made friends who were accepting and supportive. My life has been changed by the time I spent in New York City."


When asked what motivated them to do art, Allison explains "My father is largely responsible for my interest in art, both as an artist and a patron to the arts. He is a retired art dealer and collector, so I grew up around art. I honestly can't remember when I started creating myself. I do know that it was at a very young age, and that my preferred medium was simple pencil and paper (I detested crayons)."


Allison's favorite piece on their Young Artists Wall is an intense self portrait called "Mourning News." They note that it is their only self portrait. Allison reflects, "In 2016, I had attended Stephen Colbert's Live Election Night Taping, and this piece was born from the collective dread and disappointment that filled the Ed Sullivan Theater that night. I traveled home (on the quietest train ride I'd ever experienced) and planned the piece. It represents my own fears and uncertainties regarding our social and political future."


Allison Tuomala's work will be up on the wall at the Corner Gallery for two months, beginning on First Friday, October 1. The gallery is located at 201 S State St, and the hours are 11-5, Tuesday through Saturday. First Friday hours are 5-8pm.   -Laura Fogg

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