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Kathie Godec

Kathie has been an artist all her life. After graduating from Ukiah High School, she earned her B.A. at San Francisco State College as a Diversified Art Major, graduating in 1969. Diversifying her major allowed her to work in all forms and media.  After graduating, she worked in the art department at a San Francisco printing company and in the graphic arts field until the 1990's. In 1993, she enrolled in the Certificate Program in Landscape Architecture offered through UC Berkeley Extension and graduated in 2000. She moved back to my childhood home in Ukiah in 2003.

Kathie’s artwork is a product of location, vocation, and personal esthetic.  Her artistic expression runs from rendered realism to abstract expression, in various media, on paper. In the end she always comes back to her love of the "line" in all its forms. The quality and beauty of line as a simple but controlled mark on paper allowed her endless forms of expression, both timeless and deep.

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