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       Alfred Winter

Making pots is an integral part of my spiritual practice. At the best of times, I am deeply aware that it’s not me doing it, but Spirit moving through me. At the best of times I loose myself in the making. As a potter I am drawn to that which is archetypal and timeless. I am more interested in making containers than sculpture, more excited by form than surface. My intention is to make beautiful pots that give pleasure in being seen, touched and used.

I am deeply indebted to my Taiwanese teacher, Master Yang Chen-Yung. During the year and a half that I worked with him, he helped me understand the sensuous beauty of traditional Chinese ceramics, and showed me through his example what it means to work with traditional forms to create truly contemporary work.

In addition to this obvious influence, much of my recent work is inspired by pottery I experienced while traveling in Mesoamerica in 2011, where we made pilgrimages to major and minor sacred sites from Teotihuacán to Copan. During our travels we visited archeological museums from Mexico City to San Jose, Costa Rica. The pottery I saw on this journey deeply resonated with me.

Alfred Winter

Useful Pottery

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