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ben mook

Benjamin draws inspiration from California, his beloved home. Its land and culture are familiar themes. Across the collection, you will find an entrenched symbolism. Benjamin’s work frequently references myth, and is dominated by natural symbols. Mr. Mook’s work celebrates the vibrance and excitement of being alive. In his work you will touch Apollo and chase the moon.

"Art is illusion. I can't speak for other artists. I am a bridge. Signals arise in the world and come to us - they turn our face and change us, in every moment. It is the artist's obsession to signal back. I paint what I see. It surprises me when critics praise my work as approachably abstract. It is simply the everyday.

A painting is a magician's trick. The canvas looks like a window, a peak into the artist. Trompe le monde - a painting is a mirror! We look into it to find out who we are."

Benjamin's work is noted for its vividness and variety. His subject matter and style change with each piece, offering us a broad vision. His paintings are striking, with bold colors and brush strokes that cause guests to stop and experience. Benjamin's complex and passionate work has been shown throughout the West Coast. His work currently hangs in private collections across the United States.

Currently on Display in the Gallery

Previously Shown in Gallery

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