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Vessels are containers, both physically and metaphorically. Art Center Ukiah show planners are wondering what will happen once artists get hold of this January show inspiration and take the concept to creative extremes. With a theme this wide open we can all look forward to unexpected delights and surprises.


Jacquie Lolich, the show's coordinator, explains, "Looking at the straightforward definition, a vessel is a hollow container, especially one used to hold liquid, such as a bowl or cask. Taking it a little further, a boat is a vessel. And further yet, a human being can be defined as a vessel. Anything that contains anything can be considered a vessel. Anything alive is a vessel."


Artists will decide for themselves whether to create functional vessels for this show or follow Jacquie's lead and explore the metaphorical concept of the ways a human being or other living thing can be a vessel. And, functional or not, the art in the show will certainly include, but not be limited to, pottery, basketry, paper mache, woodworking, weaving, blown glass, jewelry, and textiles. There will be both three-dimensional floor art and two dimensional wall art. 


That's all we know for now. We are excited to see what artists will be bringing into the gallery for us to arrange into a compelling show. There will be a story, but we don't know yet what that story will be. Come enjoy the surprise with us at the First Friday opening celebration on Jan 6 form 5-8pm in the back of the Corner Gallery. Live music will be provided by Jeff Blakeslee. The gallery is located at 201 S State Street in Ukiah.


In conjunction with the "Vessels" theme of the January show, Art Center Ukiah will offer a free class to community members, taught by Corine Pearce. A Pomo basket maker who has been weaving since the age of nine, Corine will instruct participants in the process of weaving a simple twined basket using rattan. Corine explains, "Rattan is a 'borrowed' material, meaning that it's not native. It's actually commercially produced from a fibrous vine that grows in Indonesia, and I'm using it because it's easy to find and very forgiving. Even though the material chosen for this class is non-traditional, the twining technique is... every tribe on our continent makes this style of basket." This class will be appropriate for interested people on every skill level, including beginners over the age of nine, though parental support will be much appreciated for younger students. It has been scheduled at Art Center Ukiah (in the back of the Corner Gallery at 201 S State St) on Wednesday, January 18 from 3-5 in the afternoon, so local students can have the opportunity to attend. The class is free and all materials will be provided. Please sign up ahead of time since space is limited. Call the Corner Gallery at 707 462-1400 or walk in to sign up in person.

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