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Lucille Shakman
Featured Young Artist

Lucille S photo.jpeg

Lucille Shakman is a young woman with an outlook on life that totally belies her age. Currently a sophmore at Ukiah High School, she describes herself as "truly passionate about every aspect of the art world," and it is clear that that passion extends into other aspects of her life as well. Where many students her age look at the world from the perspective of what they can get from it, Lucille is inclined to look outward with a totally open soul, and she eagerly embraces the lessons she can learn from "taking a closer look at everyday realities." There is a combined sense of curiosity and fearlessness about her attitude, and it is naturally reflected in her art.


Lucille has already gone through a process of learning and growing in her art. She was raised mostly in Ukiah, and before the COVID pandemic she enjoyed advanced classes in digital media while she was in middle school. Then, she states, "I started really enjoying photography when COVID first hit. I was experiencing issues with my mental health and art brought me into a world that I could escape into." Fortunately, Lucille affirms that "Right now I'm enjoying life, and bringing whatever I can to the world."


Describing how she is compelled to do art,  Lucille says "My process is usually just an inclination to express a feeling, or deeper meaning. I also feel I have to be in a completely different head space... one which is merely a closer look at everyday realities." She continues, "I'm influenced by life experiences... music, fear, utter joy. Even garbage inspires me, and furthermore I can be sucked in by meaningless beauty.

I want people to know what's possible in the field of creativity and the intersections that art can have. I'm trying say that there's no particular look that I'm trying to get across."


Lucille's message to other young artists is "All meaning someone brings to a piece is very interesting so don't feel restrained, It all depends on the persons own subconscious." That's an insight that many older artists could benefit from as well. 


When asked about next steps for the future, Lucille was clear; "I plan on continuing in an art career of any sort. I'm truly passionate about every aspect of the art world. I'm planning on going to college for it." 


Lucille ended the interview with a short poem of her own that possibly says it all:


"Golden knifes from the star's light pierce my eyes. 

Glowing with eternal light I sit stationary and calm. 


Lucille S image.jpeg
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